In the following terms & conditions “the Photographer” shall mean Aqila Shafa Arimurti (also known as akiradanna). “The Client” shall be defined as the people who hire the Photographer’s services. “The Event” shall mean the event to be documented. These terms & conditions cannot be changed in any way by the clients unless explicitly agreed by the Photographer in writing. 

About the Photographer’s services

Details of services and prices offered can be viewed here.

By using the Photographer’s services, the Photographer has the rights to

  1. Capture images and edit them as per the wishes of the Photographer (and Client if applicable)
  2. Reserve creative rights with the use of a watermark.
  3. Use images of the Event for portfolio purposes (such as Instagram posts and Google Drive portfolio)
  4. Decline an offer if the Photographer already has plans beforehand.
  5. Decline an offer if the Photographer lives too far away (outside of Jakarta and Tangerang), does not plan to go to the area at the time of the Event, and the Client has no plans to accommodate or reimburse travel, accommodation, and consumption fees.
  6. Decline an offer if the request is last-minute (less than 24 hours before the Event) and the Photographer does not have any means of going to the venue.
  7. Retain the copyright of images of the Event at all times, anywhere in the world.

The Client has the rights to

  1. Ask for specific requests to the Photographer.
  2. Share and use the final images delivered by the Photographer in any way, as long as it is not monetized, UNLESS the Client has paid the Commercial Use add-on.
  3. Ask for a full refund if the images are corrupted or lost and there is no way to salvage them, or if the Photographer is unable to attend the Event (for reasons such as sickness, mourning, or natural disasters).

The Photographer is responsible for

  1. Arranging equipment, transport and accommodation (for Events in Jakarta and Tangerang) required for the Event.
  2. Delivering quality, edited soft copies of final images in time. Images are sent via a Google Drive link, containing images 1MB-2MB in size. Images are usually sent within 3 days, but may take up to 1 week in peak season.
  3. Inquiring the Client about overdue payment.

The Client is responsible for

  1. Promptly contacting the Photographer at least 24 hours before the Event, specifying the date, time, place, and description of the Event.
  2. Settling a down payment of 50% or the full price before the Event.*
  3. Should the Client opt to pay the down payment, the remaining payment and any outstanding reimbursements must be settled at the latest 7 days after the Event. If this rule is broken, there is an extra Rp. 50.000,- fee per overdue week.*
  4. Guiding the Photographer should there be specific spots where photography is allowed.
  5. Ensuring the health and safety of the Photographer while in the Event. No refunds are given should the Client disobey this rule, resulting in sickness or death of the Photographer.
  6. Arranging accommodation, transportation, and consumption for the Photographer for Events outside of Jakarta and Tangerang.

*Does not apply for Clients with a Service Charge Waiver.